About Aaron R. Thomas

In The Studio

Aaron R. Thomas is an acclaimed American master craftsman, architect, artist, engineer and manufacturer known for his vast fine art repertoire.

Aaron assumed his family’s Southern California-based acrylic manufacturing workshop 20-years-ago and grew it to a global, multi-million dollar custom design and fabrication company. From its humble beginnings as a specialty acrylic fabrication shop, the A.R.T. brand quickly became synonymous with innovation and impeccable quality in the design industry.

The company rose as expert leaders in acrylic manufacturing and expanded its capabilities to include aerospace materials, metal, wood and other mediums. Aaron’s breadth of expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing has been commissioned by art collectors, A-list celebrities and luxury brands including Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Ralph Lauren, Mulberry, Baccarat, Apple, Neiman Marcus, Disney and Mercedes-Benz. The impeccable execution of each project (from product design to full architectural projects) has proven his invaluable ability to take concept to completion, maximizing efficiency and without sacrificing quality. In 2014 Aaron was named spokesperson for one of the world’s leading acrylic manufacturer, Lucite®.


In 2015 Aaron announced the company’s rebrand as A.R.T. COLLECTIVE, which represents a group of fabricators, engineers, designers, architects, artists, craftsmen, material specialists and creative geniuses who thrive to build world-class luxury brands through innovative designs, products, environments and strategies.