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Interior World: Vol 75 is a BEAUTIFUL Glossy Magazine printed in Korea which covers new and amazing commercial spaces and objects. They covered our Chandelirium on pages 180-181

"The Chandelirium is an extraordinary one-of-a-kind acrylic sculptural chandelier designed and created by Aaron R Thomas and artist Anne-Louise Ewen. Each Chandelirium is hand-formed from reclaimed acrylic. No two are alike. Long strips of the highest quality cast acrylic are headed and then looped and threaded together into an abstract nest like sculpture. It is lit from within.

Aaron R Thomas, Inc is a team of Artists and Mastercraftsment led by Designer-Artist Aaron R Thomas and based in Orange County, California. They design and create unique high-end Artwork, Lighting and Furniture"

For Pricing and More on the Chandelirium- click here.
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