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Aaron R Thomas creates Original Site-Specific Artwork

By November 16, 2009November 5th, 2013No Comments

The creation of Fine Art always involves the talent and essence of the Artist.  When creating a commissioned work of art that will inhabit a specific commercial or residential domain, an Artist is challenged with a creative puzzle. It involves a bringing together of a multitude of elements, including deciphering the needs of a specific space and sensitively reading the personality, ideas and dreams of a patron. 

Aaron R Thomas and A.R.T. Inc create Fine Art to fulfill site specific needs on a grand scale or down to the little details that ultimately define the success of a space.

Please enjoy this brief video which captures Aaron R Thomas and collaborator Anne-Louise Ewen hand painting a set of panels which will be mounted as doors to a patron’s home in Manhattan Beach, CA. What you don’t see it the behind the scenes activity of meeting with the client to discuss ideals, color matching, concept elaboration, stencil design and cutting, measuring, engineering and more…
As you know, we design and build all of our exquisite Furniture, Lighting, Accessories and Works of Art by hand in Orange County,
CA– Don’t be afraid to ask for something
unique and special. It is what we do.

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