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Aaron R Thomas: inspiration for the next generation of artists and designers

By June 22, 2007November 5th, 2013No Comments

Miss Maxi Steinberg Dagenham Park school Dagenham Essex RM10 9QH writes:

As part of a design project the 2nd year 6th form students (age 18-19) of Dagenham Park school, Dagenham, England were asked to design a chair related to the theme of natural forms and an artist of their own choice.

The had to look at the form and function of the product and consider the venue and client that would be buying the product.

The students started by looking at a wide variety of artists and designers that are historically and currently available through design books and the internet. The students were asked to evaluate the form and function of those artists which inspired them.

One of the students came across the work of Aaron Thomas while looking for interesting methods and media in construction.

She had identified a preference in using acrylic sheet to create her final piece and had thought about using colour to add floral details, she came across Aaron’s chair design that related quite a lot the works of Warhol and Pop Art. This inspired her use of bright coloured acrylic sheet and paints.

Unable to decide which process she preferred she separated her details into two areas, bright coloured plains of acrylic with etched detail and clear acrylic with painted detail.

In order for her to be able to fulfill the criteria for professional practice she need to evaluate the processes under taken by the artist/designer, she worked out the things that needed to be asked of him and went about getting in touch. Aaron was kind enough to take a very early morning call from the student here in England to his office in California and answered her questions.

The student and I have been very grateful for Aaron’s assistance in this project and as inspiration for the next generation of artists and designers.

Thanks Maxi! Good Luck to your talented students!

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