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Focus on Quality

By March 10, 2010November 5th, 2013No Comments

Everything we create, no matter how small, is done with the utmost focus on quality. An example of this is Andreas. Andreas is a master upholsterer from Germany that graduated from Germany’s program in automotive upholstery “not furniture upholstery, that is a different program” he is quick to point out. He came to America with nothing but his sewing machine and the clothes on his back. Now he specializes in reupholstering vintage and new Mercedes Benz. At up to $15,000 per seat, he is anything but cheap but his focus in quality is inline with ours so we are able to work with him. Aaron took a few photos today while visiting his shop. He is skifing black napa leather for us for the 3″ X 3″ interiors of the ring display cases we are working on so that it is paper thin.

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