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Acrylic Furniture and Decorative Accessories by Aaron R Thomas

Every once in a blue moon, an interior designer is lucky enough to come across an artist/product designer/visionary who’s work impresses them so much that they would love to decorate their own home in tons of their works. My latest infatuation is all wrapped up in Aaron R. Thomas’ incredible works. It is rare that I find a website that captivates me enough to write a full article solely about the works contained on it. Aaron uses acrylic, wood, metal, and more to create his furnishings. I wanted to feature a few here in this article and give you a designers point of view, then get your comments on which pieces you like. We’ll start with my favorite furnishing from the Aaron R. Thomas website:
modern funky lighting acrylic chandelier
Ok, so it’s not a furnishing, it’s a chandelier called: The Chandelirium. It is an amazing sculptural work that will conjure the most whimsical feelings in every person that encounters it. White and clear acrylic make up the artistic body of the light fixture, while the illumination comes from the 7″ globe light in the center. If I fail to mention her anywhere else in this article, Aaron works with a very neat individual to create many of his designs: Anne Ewen, who also worked on this fixture.
modern acrylic chair and furniture
This modern take on a classic furnishing was absolutely genius. The image of a classic Louis XIV chair is hand painted onto a black silk-screen material and hand applied to the surface of the acrylic. As with almost all of the furnishings, custom colors can be requested for both the frame and the image. The chair is called “The Deconstructed Acrylic Louis Chair“.
acrylic storage chest and home furnishings
Every heard of hiding something in the open? If you are low on storage space, or just want to display an exclusive item (such as Louis Vuitton luggage), an acrylic coffee table made to go around the item can be a really chic furnishing. This could also work for something like a piece of some kind of monument such as a piece of a pyramid, the Berlin Wall, Great Wall of China, Stone Hinge, or any other impossible to get item (obviously I am kidding about getting authentic articles this large, it is probably illegal, but you get the picture).
acrylic furniture tables and chairs home furnishings
acrylic and plastic desks and chairs
The desk illustrated in these two pictures is a really inventive way to get a work surface into a room without taking up the visual space that a solid desk would. It lends itself more to a laptop than a desktop, as the point is to keep the look very minimal and clean. The desk drawer is frosted to hide the look of floating pens and office items. If you think you recognize the accompanying chair, it is a reproduction of the famous Eames Chair.
acrylic decorative home accessories and home furnishings
The above is a collection of art, accessories, furnishings, and signage to give you an example of the broad range of items available through Aaron’s website. I love the sculptural block in the center and the column vases below it. This image gives a good representation of the breadth of the artist’s works.
arron r thomas acrylic furniture designer
Here is the artist himself, shown in true laid-back style, sitting in one of his custom designed chairs. The “This is not a catalog” brochure encourages you to explore custom possibilities and to get his design team involved in your project.
I have just shown a sampling of the art that comes out of this studio, so visit the Aaron R. Thomas website to see all of his works. Don’t forget to leave a comment and give us your thoughts!

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