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This week Aaron R. Thomas’ Chief Operations Officer, wife and jewelry designer, Stefanie Phan, launched a brand new website and online boutique, produced by Next Level Studios.

Jewelry designer Stefanie Phan website

The Stefanie Phan brand was conceived from a desire to create fusions of rare and exotic materials that might not have been paired together before. Calling on expert engineer, designer and material specialist, Aaron R. Thomas (along with a talented team of master craftsmen and engineers), leads the manufacturing process of Stefanie Phan’s designs.

In A.R.T.’s true spirit of celebrating the American craftsman Stefanie Phan’s brand highlights its dedication to manufacturing in the USA. Her designs are conceptualized and realized in Southern California and she has the pleasure of working alongside two generations of master craftsmen. The superior quality of the artistry supersedes any consideration to outsource and our ownership of manufacturing facilities allow us to offer direct-to-public wholesale pricing. Sharing the process with fans is an important element of A.R.T’s branding strategy, and Stefanie Phan offers a glimpse of her manufacturing process with a workshop photo album.

The new online boutique features 360-degree product views to help clients fully appreciate the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique designs. And in the coming weeks new collections and designs will be released—keep an eye out for the acrylic clutch collection, The Illusionist. To stay up-to-date with the latest news follow Stef on her blog or through her social media outlets, where new developments get posted first.