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Hold On- What is ARTc?

By May 20, 2008November 5th, 2013No Comments

I give in. I thought it would be very clear. Upon reflection I realize it is a multi-step process to follow my train of thought on this so-called ARTc subject, and I’m here to lay it all out on the table for you. here goes:


Stands for Aaron R Thomas: Ready-To-Carry

I know. I know:”But Anne. There aren’t that many letters in ARTc.” What? Do I need to add exponents?…

And Ready-To-Carry? Well: That is like Ready-To-Wear. For Furniture.

You see, until we had Ready-To-Carry, anyone who wanted to buy one of our wonderful tables or lamps or anything else had to make a special appointment and come in and sit in front of Aaron R Thomas himself and work it out. This worked out great for many many years- but when I (Anne Ewen) came along, I wanted to find a way for more people to have access to this great work- whether they found working with a designer on a piece of custom furniture just for them too intimidating, or expensive or too geographically far away. So I proposed that we standardize a few of our most popular designs and offer them at the click of a mouse.

Et voila.

Ready-to-Carry is like a ready-to-wear line in that it is 1) Ready to buy immediately and not at the end of a wait for an audience with the great almighty designer and 2) less expensive because it hasn’t had to have the attention of the great almighty designer (apart from his (or her) blood sweat and tears to create the design to begin with and to engineer it so it will work and-hey – to just have the courage and tenacity to exist in this world as an actively creative being. ) No tailoring. no picking out fabrics. et cetera.

We still get emails asking us if we “do custom”. We laugh heartily. and then we cry. we do. email us right now and ask us if we do custom. I bet one of us (Noel, Brianne or Elyse) will write back to you right away, through our tears, that YES, WE “DO” CUSTOM. That’s what we DO!

ARTc is a tiny little blip on the history of Aaron R Thomas Design. In fact- Last year at this time is wasn’t even a year old! And, honestly, we may not keep it around. The custom side keeps us plenty busy. We’re busy right now creating, among other things, custom light fixtures for every room in a very chi-chi (is that how you spell that snobby adjective that is pronounced “she-she”?) Beverly Hills Hotel, a ton of amazing one of a kind tables, chairs and lights for people, designers and businesses all over the planet, and somehow Aaron and I still find time to paint and sculpt.

okay. diatribe done.

You know, I’m not a marketing person. I’m an artist. and just a person who likes neat stuff.

By the way, Aaron R Thomas Design isn’t going away, but I’m serious about the maybe ARTc won’t be around talk. Who likes doing the same thing all the time?

We love love working with people creating things that no one has ever seen before.

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