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Mulberry USA and Aaron R Thomas: June Window Displays

By June 25, 2007November 5th, 2013No Comments

We are working with Thomas Meus, Visual Merchandising Manager of Mulberry U.S.A., to create the gorgeous window displays for Mulberry U.S.A. Check out our handiwork in NYC on Bleeker St and on Madison Ave, in L.A. on Melrose and in Atlantic City and Manhasset.

We made the lucite / acrylic letters and the blue metallic mirror walls. Each letter was carved by hand from solid acrylic, laminated with red acrylic, and polished by hand to a high gloss.

*Though our window designs may only be needed for a week or a month, we put the same care into them as we do our heirloom furniture. You will see no saw-marks, sloppy glue jobs or crazing. It makes no sense for a precisely made artisanal item to be displayed on a shoddy piece of workmanship- something we see far too often in our shopping forays. By working with Aaron R Thomas Design, Mulberry USA makes the statement that they aim for complete perfection from beginning to end.

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