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On a serious note

By October 20, 2009November 5th, 2013No Comments

At Aaron R. Thomas, we tend to have a lot of fun doing what we do best, creating amazing art. For those of you who aren’t aware, we view this as a blessing after Aaron came close to losing his life on Valentines Day 2008.

On that fateful day, Aaron fell over 20 feet through the air onto a hard concrete floor while inspecting a possible location for our new studio. Among his injuries were shattered knees, wrists, skull, and brain. As Aaron was recovering and retraining his muscles to do not only artwork, but even the most basic movements such as walking, his doctors prescribed a myriad of pain killers and medications to help with his recovery. Remarkably, After less than a month, Aaron had stopped taking the pain killers because he was concerned about how they affected his brain.

For months, Aaron struggled to recover and underwent physical and brain therapy all the while his doctors continued to offer him opiate based medications for his pain. Aaron continually shunned these suggestions because of the way they slowed his brain and made his difficult to make intelligent business decisions. His brain was already struggling to heal

Several times, Aaron’s doctors suggested the option of medicinal marijuana. Aaron continually shunned them thinking of times when he had smoked marijuana casually in the past and imagining how it may effect his decision making and business skills. After much consideration, Aaron decided to talk to a specialist about it and was written a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

To Aaron’s surprise, the marijuana actually helped him focus on certain things and was much less debilitating than other pain medications had been. He was able to more capably make decisions, process information, and deal with reoccurring pain.

Since April, Aaron has been using Marijuana to effectively manage both physical and mental injuries. At first, he did so behind closed doors and was not quick to admit it to others. As time progressed and he started noticing how effective it worked as a medication, Aaron became more vocal about his support of this treatment method. Here is he in an interview by the Orange County Register.

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