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Our highly sought after custom, hand-carved acrylic furniture legs and feet by Aaron R. Thomas are now available in limited production castings. Crafted from a solid acrylic block and undergoing meticulous hand-polishing, each leg fuses classic craftsmanship with contemporary elegance for an exquisite finish on custom tables, chairs, sofas, ottomans and beds. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these unique legs and feet are available in custom sizes, colors and designs. In addition to Aaron R. Thomas’ one-of-a-kind carved pieces, we have a library of hand-carved masters dating a century old also available in limited production castings. These decorative accents imbue a bygone charm to your next project, available exclusively by Aaron R. Thomas. *Hand-crafted *Custom size, color and design available *Suitable for indoor and outdoor use **Minimum orders apply per project, please inquire for specifics

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