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After seven years I am releasing my private collection of paintings for sale. My wife does a wonderful job of explaining things beautifully, so here’s her Instagram posts:

Aaron R. Thomas painting

A near death experience changes the perspective of your life. Before / After. It’s like a doorway to another dimension. Everything before stepping through that door looks different, maybe better than it actually was. And while we’re healing those “before” moments are lifesavers. A glimmer of hope during darkness. But, when we’ve transmuted the black poison and we can say with confidence that the pain has departed we get light. Near-blinding radiance. Light allows us to let go so we can make room for more light.

My husband, the ever talented artist/master craftsman/designer Aaron R. Thomas survived a 30-foot fall seven-years ago. We’ve kept all his oil paintings he created before his fall because for the last seven-years they were like happy pills of “before” moments. But, thankfully, the pain has departed. It’s time. We need to make room for more light. These limited and very special paintings are for sale.

5′ W x 6′ H oil on canvas, for more information, a catalog of available pieces and sales please email

Aaron R. Thomas painting

And a glimpse of his “After” paintings. After doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Some of our greatest moments of genius come from dark places. They are electrifying, heart piercing, raw experiences–during and long after. But they make us who we are. So, I suppose we have to learn to love our pain. And then let it go.

(A prayer),

“May my suffering be of service.”

– Danielle LaPorte #truthbomb

5′ W x 6′ H polyurethane on canvas. To get the prequel “Before” of this post go to my profile.

For more information, a catalog of available pieces and sales please email

***This painting featured is #sold