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The Decorating Diva Says…

By October 3, 2007November 5th, 2013No Comments

The Decorating Diva, an expert on new design trends just wrote a fun article about the new (or resurging) trend towards acrylic furniture. Here is an excerpt:

Okay I admit acrylic furniture isn’t what you would typically find on the showroom floor of your favorite home furnishings store. Actually, you probably associate acrylic furniture with funky artsy-phartsy interiors depicted in Mod style movies but there has been a gradual trend in the home furnishings industry to warmly embrace acrylic as a viable and now inexpensive alternative to wood. Also advances in plastic composition technologies have eliminated the dreaded fogging that used to occur with plastic furniture as it aged.

I guess we have been ahead of the trend for the last 35+ years but then again we just do what we do. Anyway, if the Decorating Diva says it you know it has to be true. See the entire write up at:

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