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Video: At The Aaron R Thomas Studio: Welding Metal to Acrylic- A WORLDWIDE FIRST!

By October 28, 2008November 5th, 2013No Comments

You knew that we create the most perfectionist acrylic furniture, lighting and sculpture. You knew that we create beautiful metal and mixed media pieces. Now we reveal METAL WELDED TO ACRYLIC!

Back in July 2008, We pioneered this new and exciting process. The lower right photo (above) is the result.
Aaron challenged his studio team to create this extremely complex piece: inside curves, sharp corners, clean lines, flawlessly welded TO the acrylic, to demonstrate, as Aaron says in the video, that “we can do just about anything…”

See for yourself in the video below:


We are currently using this technique to build some top-secret wonderful things for some of the world’s top designers. You’ll see it here…

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